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67-442 :: Final Project Evaluation

To demonstrate mastery of the concepts discussed in class and practiced in the labs, students will create a mobile application of their own design. The application does not have to be submitted to Apple's App Store, but it must be high enough quality that it would be accepted if submitted. The project will be scored using the following criteria:

  • Fits within the "mobile mental model" (5 pts)
  • Leverages the strengths of the mobile platform (5 pts)
  • Visual Appeal (5 pts)
  • Usability (5 pts)
  • Execution (5 pts)
  • Completeness (5 pts)
  • Performance (5 pts)
  • Judge's Discretion (5 pts)

In addition, we will have a competition sponsored and judged by Carnegie Mellon alumni from the Capital One Technology Group on December 7th. Applications will be split into categories (TBA) and students will compete for prizes awarded by Capital One; there will be three top overall prizes awarded as well as a smaller top prize in each category. Students will submit their applications no later than 6pm on December 6th so they can be loaded onto an iPhone or iPad for evaluation by the instructor and the alumni judges.

In addition to the actual application code, students will provide a brief summary of the application and 2-4 screenshots which capture the essential features of the application. Students will be assigned a 15-minute slot that day to present their application to the judges and answer questions. (15 minutes broken down into 8 minutes for presentation, 4 minutes for questions and 3 minutes transition.) At the end of the day, we will have a reception for all students in the IS major as well as faculty and administration and hand out awards for winners in each category.

Input from the alumni judges will be considered as advisory in the grade evaluation of the project but final grade determination will be made by the instructor alone. In addition, the instructor and teaching assistants will run the test suite of each app and do a code review to ensure that all projects have a reasonably sound architecture. These results, along with the scores earlier, will be used to determine the final project grade.

This project will constitute 25 percent of the course grade. All partners will receive the same grade for the project unless there are extenuating circumstances to warrant a deviation.


Due Date: December 07, 2018

Weight: 25.0